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How to call API route with prefix/localization enabled?

API request test result by Postman

I’ve scrambled over the internet in search of this answer for a long time and came across one source who had answered this through a forum. I will leave the link below for your references but the answer is not very clear.


Over some Prerequisites

So, to start off with answering the question, let me go through the prerequisites needed to get the solution.

  1. Install Laravel (this blog relies on Laravel v5.6)
  2. Create a Model with Migration
    php artisan make:model ModeName --migrationor
    php artisan make:model ModeName -m
  3. Create a Controller
    php artisan make:controller…

A question that rolls-around the internet among those students with passion to enhance their knowledge in Web Design is,

“How do I create/make/design/program/develop a website?”

The reason people tend to ask this question is because there are many uses for websites in todays world such as advertising, online presence, credibility, market expansion, consumer insights, information exchange, etc. all done at a small expense of money & time. In another point of view, web development is easy to learn, you get to see good outcomes by learning to build in a matter of time, with the market still on demand. …

The fundamentals of OOP | How Classes and Objects work? | Explained using Diagrams

What we will cover up,

  1. What is OOP?
  2. Why OOP?
  3. Objects
  4. Classes
  5. Example of Classes & Objects.

What is Object Oriented Programming (OOP)?

OOP is a concept of programming that organizes software design around data, rather than functions and logic. I have mentioned similar concepts of programming, also known as ‘paradigms’, in my first blog on What are Programming Paradigms? Do make sure you read that before moving on to learning Object Oriented Programming.

Why Object Oriented Programming (OOP)?

In todays world of digital revolution, every software you come across is made up of a structured file system that include beautiful front-end…

Overview of the concepts of programming paradigms for beginners..

A theory most students in the field of Information Technology do not fully comprehend is the concepts of “Programming”. Programming is todays leading syllable in edge of every professional body from medicine, engineering, human resource, visual arts, music etc. but,

What is a Programming Paradigm?

It is a collection of distinct set of programming concepts or thought patterns in the field of software programming or development.

Didn’t get it? I know, cuz I didn’t either, at least that’s what Google says.

Now put this in mind, a programming paradigm is just a style of programming or…

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